Calor Sport:
makes the difference on a cold day

The creating of an idea
The idea of the Calor Bag was created while watching a soccer match during the winter. Being a former soccer player, I know there is nothing more annoying than entering the field with cold feet and toes. Not only does it make proper ball contact impossible, also the chances of getting injured are large.
After developing and marketing the Calor Bag Professional, we added the Calor Bag Basic, Calor Fan Bag and Calor VIP Bag to our product range.

Handmade in the Netherlands
Because quality and producing a fair product are two of our main goals, we choose to make our products by hand, with high-quality fabrics and with great care. The products of Calor Sport are developed together with and produced in a professional sewing studio.

A social company
For preparing and cutting the parts of which the Calor Bags are made, we work together with a social work place in the North of the Netherlands. In this way, we make it possible for people with occupational disabilities or distance to the labor market to participate in the production process. All the activities are monitored by professionals and the end product is being put together at the production studio.

  • The Calor Bag ensures warm feet and legs without making you sweat. Even your hands stay warm in the pocket

  • With the Calor Bag, substitute players have a uniform appearance that matches the club identity

  • The padded fabric consists of several layers, feels great and keeps wind, rain and dirt outside

  • The Calor Bag gives you great opportunities to use club and sponsor logos

Our products


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