Calor sport makes the difference on a cold day


The Calor Bag ensures warm feet and legs without making you sweat. Even your hands stay warm in the pocket.


Messy blankets are history. With the Calor Bag, substitute players have a uniform appearance that matches the club identity.


The padded fabric consists of several layers, feels great and keeps wind, rain and dirt outside. The bottom is detachable so you can easily tie your laces.

unique options

The Calor Bag is available in every color and with every print you desire. It involves great opportunities to use club and sponsor logos.

Calor Sport:
makes the difference on a cold day

There is nothing more annoying than entering the field with cold toes, legs and muscles. The Calor Bag provides substitute players with warmth, comfort and a professional appearance.

The Calor Bag covers the entire lower body from toes to waist and keeps you warm, without getting too hot or sweaty. The fabric is water- and dirt-repellent, wind proof, breathable, washable and light.

Wearing the Calor Bag ensures the muscles to remain in the normal body temperature. It decreases the chance of injury, shortens the time the player needs to warm-up his body and helps the recovery of the player returning to the bench.

The upper part of the Calor Bag contains a side zipper ensuring you can easily get in and out of the bag. The reinforced and fully detachable bottom part provides added convenience. The fabric is flexible, waterproof, strong and makes you able to keep your soccer shoes on. The horizontal zipper at the bottom of the Calor Bag allows you to easily tie your laces or put on your shin guards.

Besides additional comfort for the players, this product offers unique printing options for, for example, club and sponsor logos. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate the corporate team colors. Hereby it enlarges the image of the club and increases sponsorship opportunities.


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* Four basic colors
(black, grey, red, blue)
* Without a print
The Calor Bag ‘basic’ ensures you to have warm feet and legs so you will be ready to enter the field.
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* Four basic colors
(black, grey, red, blue)
* Print on the hand pocket
* Large print under the knees
Next to the usual warmth, the Calor Bag ‘extra’ gives you great possibilities to embrace the logos of the team and sponsors.

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* Club colors can be fully integrated in the bag
* Every color and print is possible
* We can help you designing the Calor Bag
Everything is possible with the Calor Bag ‘premium’, in colors and in prints to completely match the appearance of the club.


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